Logging with ConfusionFlow

In ConfusionFlow provides a way to monitor your deep learning experiments at the model error level. An experiment encompasses a model derived from a model class or architecture, an optimization or model selection procedure as well as multiple independent subsets of your data, called folds, that are used for training and evaluation.

In the standard setting the performance of the model is evaluated every epoch on the training as well as the test set and the model errors at each epoch are logged as a confusion matrix.

As ConfusionFlow requires some additional meta-information on the dataset and fold compositions for rendering the UI one needs to wrap each data fold in a separate Fold object. Each Fold object is identified by a foldId which references the relevant entry in the dataset-config file.

For an explanation of the dataset_config format please see Dataset Configuration.

train_fold = Fold(data=<train_data>, foldId="mnist_train", dataset_config="mnist.yml")
test_fold = Fold(data=<test_data>, foldId="mnist_test", dataset_config="mnist.yml")

Next we create a Run object with a unique runId, which identifies the corresponding experiment, a list with the dataset folds that you want to evaluate the performance on, and the trainfoldId which references the fold that is used for training.

run = Run(
    folds=[train_fold, test_fold],

The Run object is then used for logging the performance metrics and integrates into the training loop of each frameworks (see examples below).

Usage Examples

After the experiment has been completed the logs ran be exported to a log directory.


The logs are organized in the log directory in separate folders datasets, runs, foldlogs (the logs for each fold) and the corresponding data foldlogdata.

├── datasets                    <--- dataset config files
│   ├── mnist.json
│   └── index.json
├── foldlogdata                 <--- foldlog data
│   ├── example_log_mnist_train_data.json
│   └── example_log_mnist_test_data.json
├── foldlog                     <--- foldlog specifications
│   ├── example_log_mnist_train.json
│   └── example_log_mnist_test.json
├── runs                        <--- run specifications
│   ├── example_log.json
│   └── index.json
└── views                       <--- view specifications (currently unsused)